Public Services

At Vaevi, we're more than technology experts – we're solution enablers. We empower businesses in the Public Services sector to tackle challenges head-on by providing tailored web products or applications that facilitate streamlined management and administration across various institutions.

What Can We Develop for You?

-Public Services-
User-Friendly Online Portals

Create portals that provide citizens easy access to government services, from submitting applications to tracking progress, enhancing convenience and engagement.

-Public Services-

Dynamic online learning spaces with interactive content, quizzes, and discussion boards, enhancing student engagement and learning experiences.

-Public Services-
E-Government Solutions

Build comprehensive e-government systems enabling paperless workflows, digital document signing, and online communication between departments, improving efficiency and reducing bureaucracy.

-Public Services-
Сommunity Engagement Hub

Build interactive websites that foster community collaboration, enabling NGOs to effectively share their mission, engage supporters, and gather valuable feedback.

Solution Design Technologies
Integrated Student Management

Develop comprehensive systems for student enrollment, course registration, attendance tracking, and grading, streamlining administrative tasks for educators.

Achieve More Through Our Partnership

Efficient Service Delivery

Seamlessly provide citizens with user-friendly access to essential services, reducing time and effort.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Create engaging online platforms that elevate student involvement and comprehension.

Modernized Governmental Processes

Simplify workflows, reduce bureaucracy, and enhance communication through digital solutions.

Community Empowerment

Strengthen NGO impact by fostering community collaboration and mission communication.

Educational Efficiency

Simplify administrative tasks for educators, allowing them to focus on student engagement and instruction.