Case Study

Digitalization of Medical Records

National Health insurance
C++ ,, Oracle DB, Rabbit MQ, Linux Servers, Jenkins, AngularJS
3 .Net Developers, 1 DevOps, 2 Functional QA-s

Challenge and Initial Analysis

Vaevi Technologies has supplied a team to boost development of a bigger solution for the National Health Insurance of Azerbaijan. Service Level Agreement has been signed by a primary supplier, but not all the features have been defined at the start.

The main idea of the delivery was to digitize and modernize the way in which extensive medical histories have been stored and managed, thus being able to issue proper health insurance plans. There was a legacy solution in place that needed to be improved or altered.

Vaevi’s team was focused on several dedicated features of this engagement. Our engineers have evaluated, designed, estimated and implemented the solution inline with the bigger engagement.

The main challenge of Vaevi’s team was the transit from paper-based info to digital records, but with the restriction: no real data and services could be exposed to Vaevi Technologies as a service provider. At the same time, features needed to be a part of a bigger supply package.

Additionally, there was a request to integrate with a banking provider, so the solution could process payments from its clients. For this feature Vaevi team needed to comply with low-latency and resilience non-functional requirements.

Solution Development

Vaevi’s team has discovered the current flow of data using the help of an external Business Analyst. Then the team analyzed and overhauled an existing, but ineffective application during the design phase. After the initial design had been settled and approved with the primary supplier, the team has implemented several external APIs for comprehensive patient data collection. It resulted in a secure, user-friendly interface, all hosted on-premise. It allowed to process manual input and store it digitally after prod release. Vaevi’s team has performed all of that on simulated data and infrastructure. As a second phase, the primary supplier’s leadership team has reviewed the delivered result and verified with the client’s human testers

3 core features
have been delivered in time.

Implementation and Results

Implemented features have been demoed to the main client stakeholders and delivered to the client’s IT service during acceptance stage. Vaevi team has stayed to perform post-production support and verify correct injection of physical data.

The solution incorporated technologies like RabbitMQ for message queuing, MySQL and MongoDB for database management, and ASP.NET for application development.
(TBD: Maybe we’d need to extend this for each of 3 features)

Primary supplier was able to deliver the product for the National Health Insurance client on budget and on time.

As a result of Vaevi’s contribution the following features have been delivered:

  • Patients gained online access to their medical results via a patient portal.
  • Patients could interact with doctors without physical documents, as all the required information was available online within the system.
  • Patients could pay for their medical insurance inside of the service. Vaevi team has enabled online payment integration with the banking service provider.
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