Case Study

Cloud Migration for a law firm

Financial and practice management solution for law firms
.Net 6, Powershell Core, Azure Devops, Azure Data Factory, Cosmos DB, Aure Service Bus
1 project manager, 4 .Net Developers, 1 DevOps

Challenge and Initial Analysis

A client, operating with a majority of resources on-premise, including servers and message brokers, faced significant scalability challenges for growing its business. Having an active staff augmentation engagement with Vaevi Technologies our client requested a solution for this challenge. Our team conducted an analysis and made a 2 weeks’ discovery phase.

As a result 86 resources, that could be migrated to the cloud, have been identified. Required effort was calculated and described in an additional contract. Client has accepted Vaevi’s proposal after an internal review with a solution architect from their side.

Solution Development

We developed a custom tool using .NET Core 5, designed to seamlessly integrate with PowerShell Core 7+ for use by the client’s DevOps team. This tool featured a versatile YAML configuration file, enabling customization for migration, identity management, regional settings, and other deployment parameters.

It took 3 months for the team of 5 engineers to implement this tool.
The team has been gradually ramped-up and ramped-down by Vaevi’s PM.

4h avg.
Saved on deployment time daily (-43%)

Implementation and Results

At the end of the development there was an acceptance procedure from the customer’s side, which the tool successfully passed.
After successful release our team has supported the tool for 1 more month without any major bugs and incidents found. KT to the customer’s support team has been supplied in scope of the contract.

The implementation of the tool dramatically streamlined the client’s application deployment process within their CI/CD pipeline. Deployment times, which previously took a full working day, were notably reduced to just 3.5-4.5 hours from 8*. This efficiency gain eventually resulted in client’s staff optimization: from two DevOps engineers to just one after 3 months of production service. The tool provided options for both automated and manual setups, significantly minimizing the potential for human error.

Additionally, a comprehensive monitoring system was implemented, offering deep insights into application performance and cost metrics. This was not agreed in the contract, but Vaevi’s team has integrated this functionality as an add-on. This monitoring system was particularly effective in identifying unused resources, thereby preventing unnecessary expenditures and optimizing resource allocation. By the end of the production support time, it was able to save our client about 1.5K on monthly infrastructure costs.

Our solution led to a ~43% overall reduction in deployment time**, a significant decrease in errors, and considerable cost savings through efficient resource management for our client. Effectiveness of the result surpassed original expectations of the discovery phase.  Client has provided positive feedback about the team’s performance and results of engagement.

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This project exemplifies Vaevi Technologies’ commitment to delivering tailored, efficient cloud migration solutions. We empower our clients with the tools and insights needed for continuous improvement and scalability.

*These numbers have been calculated as arithmetically average result on the 10 mostly used environments .
** These numbers have been collected as an average for all the affected resources.