iOS app development

About us

We’re a team of passionate Microsoft-oriented IT enthusiasts who know for sure that the foundation of a quality software product is solid tech expertise and innovation. That’s why we continuously improve our proficiency to keep watching our clients succeed and inspire us.




We prioritize the needs of our clients and conduct business with the utmost integrity and the highest ethical standards.



Effective collaboration with a client is key to best-in-class software, which is why they can monitor every step of the development process.



We respect the time and finances of every client using effective strategies and solutions to manage complex challenges.


We joined the industry to provide
businesses of any size with an opportunity
to stay at the forefront of technological
advancement with reliable and scalable

Our workplace is friendly and inclusive,
encouraging creativity and enabling our
team members to seamlessly integrate into
our clients' companies.

We strive to adopt all the advancements in
the tech industry and implement them right
away to keep building only cutting-edge


We started a small software development company in Warsaw in 2020. Since then, we’ve been constantly scaling and ramping up our potential without compromising our values.

The success of our clients remains the biggest source of inspiration for Vaevi. The ever-changing world of technology challenges us to master it day by day, and this propels us further and further into expanding our expertise. We’re still young and full of promise, and the future holds its breath to witness the true potential of Vaevi. Want to be a part of our journey? Just fill out the form and share your stellar software idea with us!